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Eric Mansfeld (UK)

I'am hosting with them since 1 year and I joined their great affiliate program. They pay a good compensation on every sale I bring them. It's a great additional money for not really hard work. Join them and gain profits!


Peter Gent (US)

We signed up and within minutes we were logged in and preparing our new site. When technical support was needed, our emails were answered immediately. Most importantly the staff was knowledgeable and able to instruct us on what we were doing wrong. The one time our site was down we asked only to be informed that they were aware of the problem, knew what it was and it was being corrected instantly.


Irin Shadomi (IN)

Not only do they give superb service to their customers when they've joined, but you get this before you even sign up. I've sites with several hosts, and this is by far the best, because you are treated as real people, and not just another customer!


Marc Scezisso (IT)

Am in the process of transferring a live and active forum, so its very reassuring to know that the support team is on the ball, just in case something does go wrong.


Denise Melboure (FR)

I've been very pleased with your services. You never cease to amaze me! The responses have been so great, you've been very patient with my silliest questions. And the problem is always solved. I've referred you already to all my family and friends. Thank-you!


Mariiek Bensen (NL)

The tools and extras in every package should keep even the most exacting customer happy, as they seem to have thought of almost everything you could ever need, and have laid the control panel out in a very user friendly way no hunting to find what you need - its all there and accessible, when you want it.


Andre Heppler (DE) has quality hosting at an affordable price, not to mention their excellent technical support. I'm happy to say that I'm 100% satisfied.


Carem Diaz (PT) has provided outstanding service for my companies for years. I recommend them to anyone!


Susanne Schneider (DE)

I can't think of any improvements that I'd like to see from I have been completely impressed with's service, from the ease of purchase to the SUPERB customer service.


Khaled Mohandes (EG)

I will be recommending your services to all I know as I am completely blown away with the sturdy response and also the great assistance I have received so far.


Bada El Sharouk (SA)

Once again you have proven that is one of the BEST web host in the digital universe!


Antonia Regenz (BR)

You people are great! Thank you very much!


Antonova Kovinkova (RU)

I have found this company to be excellent in every way needed...I am not very clever with all this stuff but they helped out and in some cases done all the work for me ... I would and have recommended them and will continue to do ... Thanks and keep up the excellent work!


Kevin Blames (CA)

I can't find a problem with anything. This has been the best hosting experience I've ever had, and the speed is excellent too. I hope this never changes.


Kathrine Dessout (FR)

Great support. Fast and accurate. Love the Support, has gone above and beyond for me.


Petr Kalinkorv (PL)

I love the fair price and good website features, as well as good knowledgeable technical support and excellent up-time.


Micheal Bodener (DE)

In the short time that I have been with your company, I have found your customer support personnel to be prompt, courteous and helpful.


Anthony Malcolms (US)

You guys rule. Best host that I've ever had.


Sherine Etienne (LB)

I just got started with my web page ON THE WEEKEND! You guys were there to help me along the way. You are THE BEST! is #1 and I'll be glad to let everyone know!


Erika Bern (DE)

Trouble free, multi-featured, no downtime, easy hosting. As a hobbyist, my needs are limited, so the basic packages offered well-exceed expectations.


Gondolf Estada (ES)

I recommend to all of my web design clients. Couldn't be happier with the stability and excellent customer service!


Brigitte Fournier (FR)

I've been completely happy with the service. I can't think of anything that needs improving.


Lisa Maier (DE)

Up time has been excellent. Service has been excellent. I've been happy with all aspects and recommend you for all my clients.


Erik Enholdt (NO)

You guys are literally everything I need & more in a host, thank you!


Oliver Bernadette (FR)

Everything is very simple, the support was really fast, the server responses are very fast. No regrets. One of the best products/companies I have dealt in my life.


Sven Boehme (AT)

I cannot think of a single thing, the service is fantastic, recently I had a problem that turn out to be my mistake, and it was solved in a few seconds... Great customer service!


Gerald Bournand (CH)

Very good customer support, representatives take the time to explain how to resolve issues with website, lots of space for my websites, my site rarely goes down, the whole thing just works right.



Visit to get more information and view all web hosting plans!



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